First experiences with elementary OS

After working with eOS for a couple of days I encountered some problems:
 * I couldn’t get Midori to work with flashplayer well on my 64bit netbook. Although I managed to integrate flash into Midori using a recipe I found in the net, it didn’t work well. Midori freezes with youtube videos. Since I’m using Chromium as my main browser anyway this is not a big problem for me.
 * Geary cannot search for mail. It’s not too much of a problem to me, but it should be addressed by the developer.
 * Scratch doesn’t support the character encoding I need. which makes Scratch kind of unusable for me, because my native language is German and the german specific special characters become unreadable. Until this is fixed I am back to GEdit.
 Despite these problems I think the elementary OS approach to keep it simple and intuitive is great. I’d love to see it grow and like to support it. So I keep it on my netbook and keep using it daily.


Print from an iPad on a Windows shared printer

Recently I borrowed an old iPad 2 with iOS 7 from a friend to see if an iPad could be my next investment and replace my laptop. So far it’s been very promising, but yesterday I came across the problem of printing. The only printer in my house is an old. Canon printer connected to my Windows Vista desktop computer. While it is so easy to connect a Windows laptop with it, the iPad isn’t that easy, but luckily there are people who already solved th problem.

Step 1. Get your Windows PC ready to share

Go to the printer settings and share your printer (printer properties–>Share this printer).

Install iTunes or the Bonjour Print Service. Since I am not a big iTunes fan I downloaded Bonjour from Apple and installed it.

Next I got the Elpamsoft Airprint Installer here and started it. 

Finally make sure your firewall allows access to the Bonjour and AirPrint ports. If you use the Windows built-in firewall just allow access when asked after Bonjour and AirPrint are started.

Step 2. Print with your iPad

Yes, we are already done. Just open an e-mail or a document you want to print and print. The iPad should find your printer on your network. Select it and go. If asked to authorize enter your Windows user data.

That was a short summary of the information I collected on the following three websites: