First experiences with elementary OS

After working with eOS for a couple of days I encountered some problems:
 * I couldn’t get Midori to work with flashplayer well on my 64bit netbook. Although I managed to integrate flash into Midori using a recipe I found in the net, it didn’t work well. Midori freezes with youtube videos. Since I’m using Chromium as my main browser anyway this is not a big problem for me.
 * Geary cannot search for mail. It’s not too much of a problem to me, but it should be addressed by the developer.
 * Scratch doesn’t support the character encoding I need. which makes Scratch kind of unusable for me, because my native language is German and the german specific special characters become unreadable. Until this is fixed I am back to GEdit.
 Despite these problems I think the elementary OS approach to keep it simple and intuitive is great. I’d love to see it grow and like to support it. So I keep it on my netbook and keep using it daily.


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