My new elementary OS

Owning an iPhone for several years now, I learned how easy, smooth and reliable things can be and I wished my netbook was just that. While the preinstalled Windows 7 was doing a good job I was never quite satisfied with it and it used too many resources decreasing battery live a lot.
So I went on the quest to find a new operating system for my eee PC 1015pe. I crawled the internet for opinions on alternatives to Win7 on my netbook and tried a lot of systems, mainly different linuxes but also other Windows versions especially XP because of its low footprint. At one point I have even hackintoshed my computer, witch was a great experience but sadly couldn’t be updated/upgraded.
Last week I decided to give it a last shot before returning to Windows 7. I tried an Ubuntu based distro called elementary OS.
From the first moment I was in love. The installation was flawless and all my hardware was detected. Since it is a small distribution with only the basic applications included I was up and running in a very short time. After a cold start the desktop and my wifi connection at home are fully operational in less than a minute. Then I started to click around to see how intuitive everything was. I hate to read manuals or doing a virtual tour before working with software or hardware. If the gadget can not be operated by intuition than I dont want it. Of course I read stuff when it comes to more complex functions, but for the basic tasks I do not want to read anything. Here eOS is great. Everything was right there and worked like a Mac with different icons. I don’t want to go as far as saying that a netbook with eOS is up to par with a Mac, but if you want a fast, easy to use, lightweight operating system especially for older hardware, maybe eOS is just what you need. It satisfied my needs for sure. There are still some flaws and missing functions since eOS is very young. But this is the way to go.

Get a second opinion and some screenshots here.

Get the bootable image here.


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